New Zealand Diary Day 4 – Russell

On our 4th day, our initial plan was to go diving at the Poor Kight Island. Unfortunately, the night before jet lag did its appearance with mean we didn't sleep all night. We decided that diving with very little sleep would both be slightly dangerous and that we probably also won't enjoy our trip so... Continue Reading →

New Zealand Diary – Day 1 & 2

The world is in an unprecedented situation right now and I was wondering if it was appropriate to blog about the great time I had travelling. I decided that it was ok. We are all bombarded daily with sad and scary news and I hope that reading and seeing some pretty picture from another country... Continue Reading →

After 2 years off planning, a decent amount of money and 2 months of holding my breath and watching the world crumbling around me (viruses, fires, floodings and volcanos), I'm at the airport on my way to New Zealand! I would like to post daily about my holiday but I'm pretty sure I won't have... Continue Reading →

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