Christmas in Greece Day 5 & 6

Day 5 started with a magnificent clear blue sky that stayed with us all day, however, I have to say it was cold. But that didn't put us off and early in the morning, we were in our way to Prespa National Park. Prespes in brief: Wetlands locations in the north-west of Macedonia are home... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Greece Day 2

Day 2 was Christmas Eve and we woke up early and ready for adventure. Our destination for the day... Zagorohoria! A little History Zagorohoria‚Äôs historical significance can be experienced in its exquisite Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches. After the dismemberment of Byzantium by the Latin Crusaders in 1204, and the Turkish capture of Constantinople in 1453,... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Greece Day 1

Greece is known to be a summer holiday destination. With her amazing weather, golden beach and crystal blue water. Whoever it also has some amazing winter destinations and in 2019 my partner and I decided to take our friends a go for a winter trip in the amazing region of Epirus known for her history,... Continue Reading →

Weekend in Whitby Day 2

Day 2 was hiking day. We love hiking and usually everywhere we go we try to go for a nice walk to see the country side and nature. In the region, there is North Yorkshire Moor Railway which as the name suggest it's a railway that connected small towns but is also known for having... Continue Reading →

Weekend in Whitby Day 1

A couple of years ago we went for a weekend getaway to Whitby and a small seaside town in Yorkshire, which is also known for having some of the best fish and chips. We arrived late in the afternoon so there was not much do on arrival apart from leaving out languages at our hotel... Continue Reading →

Seven Sisters

After four months of lockdown, we finally decided to get out of the safety of our house for a small day trip. The weather was amazing and perfect for a seaside excursion, so we decided to visit the Seven Sisters. The Seven Sisters are a series of chalk cliffs by the English Channel. They form... Continue Reading →

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