Exploring Tokyo – Kamakura

We have finally arrived to day 4, which was our last day were we got to properly visit a place. And we choose to finish this amazing trip by visiting the town of Kamakura. Kamakura Kamakura is a beautiful small town around an hour (by train) south of Tokyo. It was actually de facto the... Continue Reading →

Oceanian Inspired Adult SFF Books

This is a pages with a growing list of Oceanian Inspired Inspired Adult SfF Book.I hope you’ll find it interesting and discover your next read. I Think this list was the hardest of them all! I really struggled to find Adult fantasy book inspired from Oceania so please, please, please feel free to leave comments with titles... Continue Reading →

Malice by John Gwynne – Review

Genre: Adult Epic FantasyPublication Date: December 6th 2012 Series: The Faithful and the FallenPages: 672My Rating: 4/5 The world is broken. . .and it can never be made whole again. Corban wants nothing more than to be a warrior under King Brenin's rule -- to protect and serve. But that day will come all too soon.... Continue Reading →

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