May and Medieval-a-Thon – Wrap Up

In the month of May, I took part in the Medieval-a-Thon hosted by the lovely Holly Hearts Books over on youtube. I was happily surprised to actually hit my main goal and became and Princess. So with without further ado here’s what I read in May

The Ranking – Total of Books Read


I read a total of 5 books that makes me a princess with the following equipment

cloths               cloths2               Shield               swordfox

Below are the books I read to acquire all this equipment and my companion pet!

The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski


Status: Complete
Rating: 3.5/5
Review link: here
Challenges: 2020 TBR

This was for my “Book with my favourite colour on the spine”. 

I enjoyed this book although it didn’t blow my mind. I’m still curious about the series and I’ll definitely continue reading it. I also want to watch the series but I’m waiting until I’ll a little further down with the books.

The Armored Saint by Myke Cale


Status: Complete
Rating: 3.5/5
Review link: here
Challenges: 2020 TBR

And this one for for “Orange on the cover”

I’ll be honest I had high expectation for this one too but it felt a little short for me. Nothing was terribly wrong with it it just didn’t click with me. I was still interested enough to read the second book.

Queen of Crows by Myke Cole


Status: Complete
Rating: 3.5/5
Review link: here
Challenges: 2020 TBR

This was for “Book under 300 pages”

This is the sequel of “The Armored Saint”. As with the first book it was nice but nothing really exceptional for me. I’ll still plan on reading the final book (I came so far I want to finish the series)

Never Die by Rob J. Hayes


Status: Complete
Rating: 5/5
Review link: here
Challenges: 2020 TBR and SPFBO TBR

This was for “Something pointy on the cover”.

That was the surprise of the month! I really like this one. It’s short and a standalone so don’t expect a lot of world-building and character growth but the story, the characters, and the way the story was written really did it for me and I had a blast reading this book. Highly recommend it!

Mexican Gothic by Silvis Moreno-Garcia


Status: Complete
Rating: 4/5
Review link: To come on the 9th of Jully
Challenges: 2020 TBR

This one for for “A Book you have Hight Expectation for”.

I’ve watched a lot of horror/thriller when I was a teen but this was my first horror/thriller book. I picked it up because it was highly praised by Holly over on BookTube so when I saw it on NetGalley I requested it and got approved. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I really enjoyed the story.

The Crimson Campaign


Status: In Progress
Rating: To Come
Review link: To Come
Challenges: 2020 TBR

This was supposed to be for my “A Book Title that Begins With a “C””  but I knew I was aiming too many books and as predicted I didn’t have time to finish this one.

What about you? What books did you read in May? Did you take part in any read-a-Thon? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “May and Medieval-a-Thon – Wrap Up

Add yours

  1. They sound amazing and are the type of books I’d read. I haven’t read the Last Wish yet which is the only book I know from this list but the others have amazing covers (I’m a sucker for a pretty cover!) and they sound like really enjoyable reads. I’m going to be adding these to my reading list and checking them out soon. Also, this sounds like a great read-a-thon and I’ll look at possibly taking part in it next year. Thank you for introducing these books and this read-a-thon.


    1. I’m so glad you find some new books to add to your list! I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did 🙂 . As for the read-a-thon it’s alot of fun and the host Holly is really one of my favourite booktube. I hope she will host it again next year!


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