Never Die by Rob J. Hayes – Review

Genre: Adult Fantasy
Publication Date: January 29th 2019 
Series: Mortal Techniques
Pages: 274
My Rating: 5/5

Synopsis (1)

Samurai, shinigami, vengeful spirits, and an impossible quest.

Itami Cho has earned the name Whispering Blade. She is a Shintei warrior, sworn to the path of oaths and honour. But keeping her oaths has always been more difficult than taking them. When Flaming Fist and his bandits attack the city of Kaishi, Itami swears one last oath: she will protect the city and its people at any cost.

Ein has spent his life dreaming of being a hero, and now the God of Death has given him a chance. The Reaper has set him an impossible quest: an eight-year-old boy sent to stop an immortal Emperor.


When I create this blog I wanted to be a place where I can promote self-published authors and indie authors. Unfortunately, so far haven’t had much luck in reading an amazing story. Until now. This story proved that there are hidden gems out there.

Things I liked:

  • The main plot was quite unique and creepy and the writing helped give that eerie atmosphere.
  • The characters. Every character was unique, with their own special powers, personality and drive and all compliment each other very well. We see some nice friendship that develops and some banter that I’m always here for.
  • I like the Japanese influence. I don’t know if it’s accurate or not, and honestly I’m not here for that, but I loved the elements and I think that the Japanese influence with the story plot was a marriage made in heaven.
  • The twists and the ending. Some reader will probably say that they saw it coming but, since I usually read without trying to decode every single line the author has written, I didn’t, and it had me on my bottom. I didn’t see it coming, I wasn’t expecting the author to go there, and I was left speechless. I really like the ending, and it’s something that we don’t see often.

Things I didn’t like:

I have to be really peaky to find something that I didn’t like to write in this part of my review. So here it is.

  • Towards the middle of the book, some scenes felt repetitive. It is explained at the end why, but at that point I caught myself thinking that some events are starting to be repetitive. Also, the writing sometimes got repetitive. We also had a lot of “his beady eyes”.

Things worth mentioning

  • This is a 280 pages book, so there is no extensive world-building or character development. If you love your story to have a solid world-building and characters that evolve throughout the book, you won’t find this here. This is a story about some unique characters that come together to go into a unique adventure with a twisted end.

I knew that this book had good ratings from Mark Lawrence’s SPFBO and some of my favourite BookTubers but I honestly didn’t expect to like it so much. I will definitely check more books from this author!

What about you guys? Have you read this book? What were your thoughts?

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