Until Dawn – Review


Release Date: Platforms: PlayStation 4
Genre: Interactive, Narrative, Horror, Mystery
Age Rating: 16+
Game Play Time: First play-through 8h. Multiple play-throughs 20h
My Rating:5starNew


When a trip to a remote cabin leaves eight friends stranded on a mountainside, sinister events make them suspect they’re not alone…

Gripped by fear and with tensions in the group running high, step into the quaking boots of each of the eight terrified characters as you search for clues to the deranged killer’s identity. By making life or death decisions using the sophisticated “butterfly effect” system, everything you do will drastically alter the course of the story – and the fate of each character.

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I’m not a fan of horror but this is by far the best narrative / interactive drama game I have played. It keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout and the mystery keeps you guessing. The fact that based on the choices that you make will have a different outcome for the story add re-play value to the game but also makes you think about every one of your decisions.

Things I liked:

  • Every decision matter. This is the first game I’ve played that did it right. I’ve played a lot of games where you think that the choices you make will make a difference but at the end no matter what you end up in the same place. Not in this game. Based on every little mean that you will save or kill a character. You can end the game with every one of them alive, some of them alive or all dead. And that was well done. I personally save 3 of them and I really want to replay the game and try to save them all.
  • It’s a horror/mystery game and I was constantly on edge and constantly guessing what happened to the twins as well as trying to figure out what is after this group of friends.
  • Twist and turns. You have a lot of them, especially when it comes to characters and their actions. You’ll start the game by hating some characters and by the end you’ll hate them and vis versa.
  • You have the choice of NOT taking action and some times that’s a good thing. Many games like this one have what we call Quick Time Events (QTE’s) this is a number of actions that you need to complete (pressing button combination usually) and usually if you don’t successfully complete them something bad happens. Not here. You are prompt to do some action like scare a dear away or something similar but actually completing this action is not always in your advantage and I really like that. It felt like your decisions are what matters and not your ability to complete the QTE’s. You still have those instances where a murderer is after you and you have to run, and if you don’t you’ll probably die.
  • You need to pay attention to all clue. I missed a specific detail that was mention just because I’m lazy and I was in a hurry to finished the game, and because of that I killed one character that I could have easily saved. My bad!
  • The actors were good and fitted the roles. As our main character, we have Josh played by Rami Malek and boy did he fits the role.

Things I didn’t like:

  • The 3D characters and animation didn’t blow me away. They were good but not the best I’ve ever seen.
  • Some of the ways to save specific characters are a little over the top and unless you google it you might never know what you did wrong. But that just for a couple of them.
  • You do have all you horror movie teen trope character. Nothing new here.

Overall I really enjoyed this game and I think that every horror reader with some gaming skills will also enjoy this game.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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