October Wrap Up

For October, I challenged myself to read 3 books. To be honest I never thought I’ll pull it off. I didn’t end up following the entire TBR but still read 3 books.

Here’s what I read.

Veil of Deceit by Judy Lynn


Status: Completed
Rating: 3.5/5
Review link: here

This was my first book for the month of October and my first indie read. A nice debut novel and an easy Science Fiction story for readers that are new to the genre.

The Masterpiece by Chiemeka Nicely


Status: Completed
Rating: 2/5
Review link: here

This book wasn’t in my initial October TBR. I picked this book after creating an account at booksirens.com . I was drawn by its beautiful cover and I got it. I had to leave feedback until the 4 of November so I had to but other books on haul.

The cover is beautiful and the writing tried too much that but unfortunately because of that I found it very confusing.

Half a King by Joe Abercrombie

Status: Completed
Rating: 5/5
Review link: here

I really like this book. The main plotline is nothing unique (a prince betrayed by his family that seek to take his thron back), but it was done very well and had a couple of twists that in my opinion made this story awesome.

Bloody Rose from Nicholas Eames


Status: Just Started

Bloody Rose was on my October TBR but unfortunately, I just started it.  In my defence I read a book that wasn’t in my initial TBR, I came down with the flu that turned into tonsillitis (you’ll think that it was a great opportunity to read a lot but I just didn’t have the energy) and finally, I received the book the last weekend of October. So this one will have to go to my November TBR.

So those are the books I read in October. What about you? What did you guys read this month? Let me know in the comments!

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