The Masterpiece by Chiemeka Nicely – Review

Genre: Sci_Fi, Fantasy
Publication Date: July 2018
Pages: 246 
My Rating: 2/5

Synopsis (1)

Kidnapped by a Custodian
A mercenary for the enslaved
Possessed by a Regal entity
There are only two ways out spiritual enlightenment or death?

It is not until you step out of your bubble, do you realise your world isn’t everything you had imagined.

17-year-old Calista is a highly trained Supreme Warrior from the First Dynasty. A decade after the catastrophic Civil war, she uncovers the truth behind the Sixth Dynasty disappearance. Moments after setting foot on Kimarr, she is kidnapped by a Custodian with a strangely pale skin tone. She enters a world where the inhumane, power-hungry Kutawala enslaves her people. The more Calista delves into this new world, the harder it is for her to resist its temptation. She is thrust into the daily fight to the death and later discovers there is a bigger plan at play. She must become a mercenary for her people while a restless entity inhabits her body.

The man who issued her kidnapping believes she is the one to awaken the Legend of Bluka: the epitome of true power. The one thing she desires more than her father’s approval he can give her: the truth. With the lies unravelled, she must either accept the facts and walk the path of Enlightenment or die trying to survive in the fight to the death.

The only person standing in her way is herself.

Goodreads link: The Masterpiece


Disclaimer: I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Oh boy, this was a hard book to read and review. When I saw the cover and read the synopsis I was hocked and so excited to read this book. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I expected. I’ll quote a sentence from the book that captures exactly my feelings about this book… “we just need to reword it so we can understand it”…

Things I liked:

  • The backbone of the story was very interesting. A world full of magic, violence, betrayals and twists.
  • The mood the author creates and the world that she build is also very unique.
  • I loved the arch of Calista.

Things I didn’t like

  • Unfortunately, I had one big issue with the book. And that was the writing itself. English is not my first language, it’s not even my second one and to top that I have mild dyslexia. Which mean that any writing that is too flowery or fancy can be confusing and hard for me to read. And this book did exactly that. An example “My blade slips from my hands into the lake. Light passes through it just before new territory claims it as its own amongst two-toned rock.” Yes, it sounds beautiful by to we really need all that?
  • Also, we have those beautiful descriptions and the author throws the following: “he was fast as a vampire”… Vampire? Really? 
  • On the other hand, when it came to explaining the world or the “magic” beautiful sentences didn’t really explain what was actually going on. An example “…some form of vibration that feels different from travelling through portals. A zap without the ticklish feeling. That’s what explains my change in location.” and then she starts talking with another character. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I had to read it twice to understand what was happening. Maybe it’s just me…
  • At some point, she mentions alternative universes and portals and Calista creating a double of herself that exists on another planet (Earth to be precise). In order to go through I just took the fact as there were without trying to explain what happened. Oh, something about a mirror and another dimension and Calista-double is on earth. Ok doesn’t matter how it happened the important is that Calista is on Earth.
  • Flashbacks, dreams, visions. I don’t mind them once in a while but it was almost in every chapter! We had a chapter dedicated to telling us things that happened in the past. We had a life or death fight between Calista and another character that was paused for 5 paragraphs to describe how Calista used to train back home.

Overall great idea, but to many details when we don’t need them and too little when it actually matters.

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