The Beauty of Darkness By Mary E. Pearson – Review

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Publication Date: August 2016
My Rating:

Synopsis (1)

Lia has survived Venda—but so has a great evil bent on the destruction of Morrighan. And only Lia can stop it.

With war on the horizon, Lia has no choice but to assume her role as First Daughter, as soldier—as leader. While she struggles to reach Morrighan and warn them, she finds herself at cross-purposes with Rafe and suspicious of Kaden, who has hunted her down.

In this conclusion to the Remnant Chronicles trilogy, traitors must be rooted out, sacrifices must be made, and impossible odds must be overcome as the future of every kingdom hangs in the balance.

Goodreads link: The Beauty of Darkness


That was one of the hardest books I had to rate and review. The reason is that the adult part of me had very specific expectations while my young teenager self was reminding me that this is a YA book.
In more details…

Things I liked

  •  Lia is taking control of her destiny and do everything she can to save her people. As with the previous books is a strong female character, with personality and a big heart.
  • We keep seeing how Lia is still attached to Venda and is also willing to help them. Is not just about saving her people but it’s also about saving the people of Venda from their tyrant.
  • Nice twists regarding Kaden past.
  • Nice twists regarding Lia family
  • I liked Lia’s and her family dynamic.


Things my teenager self liked:

  • Everybody gets a happy ending. Every main character survives and every one of them found love. A classic fairy tale ending.

Things I didn’t like:

  •  Everybody gets a happy ending. Every main character survives and every one of them found love. A classic fairy tale ending… As an adult, I really didn’t like that. First of all, if you have a love triangle and for two books you are telling us how much both Rafe and Kaden are sooooo deeply in love with Lia you don’t get to just make Kaden fall in love with Pauline out of the blue and forget about Lia and just be besties. NO. I want my heart to be broken. I had mentally prepared myself for him to die or at the end to de like “I can be around you if you are not mine” and just leave. The author had an amazing opportunity to break our hearts but not… It’s a YA book we can’t do that. I sound like a crazy person I know…
  •  I felt this book was slower than it should have been. I was 40 pages from the end and this big battle between the ferocious army of Venda haven’t even started. We had a big build-up from the previous book and I wanted an epic battle with twists and turns but it didn’t happen.
  • For 3 book we were told that Lia would have to “sacrifice” herself for the greater good. Well, that didn’t happen either. Well, she “sacrificed” because she became the queen of Venda and couldn’t be with Rafe. Ok, I can deal with that but then at the end, Lia and Rafe are “we love each other so we’ll make it work”, sooo… where is the sacrifice? Again a great opportunity to break our hearts but no… we went with the happy ending.

As I said this is a YA book so I’m perfectly aware of the author choices and I respect them. As a teenager, this would have probably been a 10/10. But if this final book was written for an adult audience it could have been heartbreaking and amazing.

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